What is Sushi Robot?

Sushi Machine

Sushi is popular all around the world, whether eating at a high-end sushi restaurant or getting takeout from a deli in a grocery store. Sushi is a form of art, which takes 10 to 11 years to master: 3 years cook the perfect sushi rice and 8 years of [Read more...]

Best Japanese Chef Knife

Best Japanese Chef Knife EC

A good sharp kitchen knife is one thing that everyone needs in their kitchen, whether you are a professional chef at a top-notch restaurant or a home cook. The word for a knife in Japanese is wa-bocho (pronounced “wa-bo-cho”), and there are many [Read more...]

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Featured

You may know by now, but rice is a staple food in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese have very high standards when it comes the rice, since they eat it every day and at every single meal. Many Japanese are very picky about the quality of the rice, and [Read more...]

Best Donabe Rice Cookers


Those who are into cooking Japanese food should definitely look into investing in a donabe, or Japanese clay pot. Donabe cooking is great for making a single pot meal and cooking the perfect pot of rice. Donabe holds heat very well so you also save [Read more...]

Soba-Noodles of Japan

Soba is a unique noodle dish that's enjoyed throughout the year. This well-known Japanese favorite is actually very simple. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat, which is a type of grain, and are eaten with soup or dipping sauce. Mori soba means cold [Read more...]