1. E.E.

    I like tonkotsu ramen soup. rich hearty broth, very filling and delicious. has the tasty bone broth from the pork. a bit fatty.

  2. Y.N.

    My favorite is Miso ramen. I love the deep flavors of soup. I love the fact that it becomes more flavorful when it combined with noodle and ingredients.

  3. R.D.

    The Miso soup gives the ramen noodles a distinct salty flavor. Can be spiced up with chili oil to add some kick. Adding sesame seeds to it makes it even more interesting.

  4. K.T.

    i think Shio Soup one goes very well with seafood. very simple flavor, easy-going if you will. in my region this kind of soup is not popular one but i still like it.

  5. J.C.

    I like shoyu soup ramen. People put shoyu on practically anything so using it as part of a soup base only makes sense. Like miso it is salty with umami and complements most ingredients well, bringing out a fuller taste.

  6. K.Y.

    I like tonkotsu broth because it is oily and feel like filling my stomach. also, I like chashu(meat) which is very tasty compared with other types of ramen.

  7. A.C.

    I love the tonkotsu milky broth, it’s usually very flavorful without being too salty, I don’t like it when it’s too oily though

  8. S.K.

    I like shoyu ramen because it is plain and if you screw that up, you are not a good ramen house and I will not return. I order shoyu ramen when I don’t feel like having any of the other ramen.

  9. G.L.

    The soup is pretty good and tasty. And the soup base sounds healthy! Every time when i want to ear ramen, I would always choose Tonkotsu Ramen instead of other style ramen. I have tried a lot of kinds of Tonkotsu Ramen. I find I like the thick taste one, which boil with pork bone for long hours and I feel like i am drinking the concentrated pork soup.

  10. A.C.

    I like spicy miso ramen, even though this broth is usually on the heavier side, the spicyness mixed with miso is one of my favorites

  11. K.Y.

    I like Shio’s milder flavor. It has a more subtle flavor. It does not overwhelm with too much of one flavor. Americans may find it bland however.

  12. E.W.

    My favorite is miso ramen. I like the rich favorable broth especially with slight spiciness to it. I like drinking the soup.

  13. E.K.

    Nothing too special about Shoyu Ramen. It is not as strong as Miso or Tonkotsu, but it is good when sometimes I want something relatively simple.

  14. E.K.

    I like the simpler taste of shoyu ramen when I don’t feel like having a rich broth like tonkotsu or shoyu. But if I eat shio ramen, I prefer more variety of toppings of eating simpler broth of shio ramen.

  15. J.F.

    I like Shoyu Ramen. The soy sauce flavored ramen is one of my most favorite parts. The soy sauce opens my mind, and refresh my sense open to the natural world. I can not stop eating Soyu Ramen.

  16. N.J.

    I like the tonkotsu taste of the ramen and I like that I can add spice to it as I please. It’s usually not too salty

  17. K.Y.

    I enjoy the deep flavor of a traditional red miso ramen. It has more umami from the miso. It is more filling without being too overwhelming like the tonkasu.

  18. K.F.

    I am in favor of Shio base broth ramen. This year, I had my birthday party in my house. I ordered Shio Ramen as one of main entree for everyone. It turned out everyone liked it.

  19. M.Y.

    I like Shoyu ramen especially when fish broth is added. Chicken and pork flavor Shoyu ramen is normal, but fish broth is added, it’s really good.

  20. N.J.

    I also think shoyu ramen is usually too salty at a lot of ramen restaurants. I prefer other flavors to it, even if I can add my own spice.

  21. V.A.

    Tonkotsu has the rich, comforting flavor that makes ramen so delicious, especially when it has been cooked for a long time.

  22. R.F.

    I love Spicy Miso. every time i tried out a new Ramen shop. spicy miso is my order. this is how to decide if i am coming back or not

  23. T.S.

    If given a shoyu ramen, I will always put some onion and cha siu. Shoyu Ramen provide a good base to taste the ramen noodle itself.

  24. J.Y.

    I used to order Shoyu Ramen and it’s to have one when you are not that hungry. It’s simple and original taste.

  25. R.D.

    I love tonkotsu ramen. It has a good creamy texture and flavor and goes well with the ramen noodles. Can be spiced up with chili oil to add some kick. Does not overpower noodles or toppings.

  26. iM.N.

    My next favorite ramen after shoyu, is the shio ramen. Shio ramen is very creative, because I think it is not just made by salt. One of my favorite shio ramen us the Kaisen shio ramen at Jidaiya, Gardena CA.

  27. R.D.

    Salty but more neutral when a bold and intense flavor is not desired. Also, a lighter broth, which does not make the meal heavy.

  28. G.T.

    The Miso ramen is characterized by a thicker soup and has an intense flavor from the miso which I enjoy. A variety of toppings compliment the soup very well.

  29. S.T.

    Tonkatsu is a man’s food because it is meat that is traditional samurai food and goes well with any dish, especially rice. When mixed with a noodle broth, it melts to a savory texture and can be the main course in many cases. I would eat the Tonkatsu Ramen without the thick shoyu based sauce of many tonkatsu dishes, as it would make it karai.

  30. V.W.

    Shio Ramen is another one if my favs. I have a lit if medical issues so I need to consume a lot of salt everyday so ramen is a must. I just love delish that’s salty and melt in your mouth pork. I definitely need to go and eat a huge bowl of ramen…lol..thank u!

  31. S.T.

    Miso is probably the most common type of ramen eaten in the world, and is a standard wherever noodles are sold. There is some discussion of the benefits of miso, but I’m not sure how proven these benefits are. I’ve had miso with seaweed, which seems to be traditional, but Ramen needs to also have a meat, in order to please my palate.

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