1. Y.M.

    Toro (tuna sashimi) and Negi (green onion) taste good with seaweed sheet, rice, and soy sauce. But it depends on how much good Toro, seaweed sheet, and rice used and chef’s skill.

  2. G.T.

    I don’t often eat Maki sushi, but when I do, it would have to be Negitoro (tuna sashimi with green onion) for its rich flavor.

  3. K.Y.

    I love Negitoro (tuna sashimi with green onion) Maki because Toro and nevi matches very well, and oily taste is my favorite, and feel my appetite enough much.

  4. H.M.

    I prefer the standard Futo-maki which is traditional and does not use fresh fish. The combination of kanpyo, cooked egg, shiitake, fish flakes and spinich wrapped in a huge roll is great food for picnics, take-out or a quick snack. The futomaki travels well but is not fresh fish.

  5. J.H.

    Negitoro (tuna sashimi with green onion) maki is good. So simple yet so good! It’s an affordable way to enjoy the fattiness of the toro.

  6. A.S.

    Kanpyo (dried calabash gourd) Maki I do not see in Seattle restaurants as often. I would love to eat this with a regular sushi set. It has a unique flavor that I can’t get with other cuisines.

  7. R.B.

    Shinko (pickles) Maki is the best for me. The combination of vinegar, and peppers with the radish is perfect. I have made this at home and both my husband and I enjoy eating the radish frequently.

  8. C.T.

    I like Anakyu (conger and cucumber) Maki similar to how I like the Dragon Roll. The eel and the cucumber tastes good in this also.

  9. Y.T.

    I like Tuna in general and Negitoro (tuna sashimi with green onion) / Tekka maki (tuna sashimi rolled sushi) is the most simple but good taste.

  10. E.O.

    Not too many restaurants have Umeshiso (sour pickled plum and shiso leave) Maki, and so it’s kind of a nice little treat. I love the sour ume and the crunch of the cucumber paired together.

  11. S.K.

    Kanpyo Maki! A very interesting sushi made from the cooked shavings of a gourd. So unusual and I feel like I am in Japan!

  12. H.Z.

    Fresh, texture, tasty, especially mixed with wasabi and paired with hot tea, healthy and high protein. That’s why I like Anakyu (conger and cucumber) Maki.

  13. C.M.S.


  14. A.L.

    Kanpyo or seasoned gourd has been a staple making sushi for kids. The simple smaller maki roll with salty n sweet tastes generates childhood hungry memories.

  15. J.F.

    Kanpyo (dried calabash gourd) maki sushi tastes great. There is no reason to stop me enjoy this kind of yummy sushi. I just like it. There is no other reasons. I used to eat those types of Sushi, so I just like them

  16. K.T.

    Shinko Maki is my favorite, I just love radishes and pickles, so what better way to have them together in one dish.

  17. S.T.

    The flavors, tuna is a favorite for most Americans althought there is fear now that since Fukushima most tuna are Radioactive with cesium 123 and strontium 90. recommend only Atlantic wild salmon for these rolls.

  18. S.T.

    Negitoro Maki is the best. I love the fatty part of any fish, as it tends to give a rich taste, and heck, fish oil is good for you too. The fay when BBQ is very tasty and crunchy, with a hint of a fishy taste, which is good. Another benefit of this part of the fish, is that it has a texture of an expensive meat without the cost of a filet mignon. You must be able to handle fish oil though, because it can cause heart-burn if eaten without the customary hot tea or sake. As my grandfather would say, Kampai!

  19. R.D.

    My favorite is Negitoro Maki (Green onion and fatty Bluefin tuna belly). Like the spicy tuna roll, found in virtually all sushi restaurants. Simple, but good if fresh. Not laden with overpowering ingredients.

  20. M.W.

    Love all! I rarely eat Maki sushi and not interested in those. I don’t feel like eating sushi. Feel like eating rice balls with seaweed.

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