1. J.T.

    Nigiri sushi is the traditional style of sushi which, at the right restaurants, contains a lot of kinds of fish. and I love sashimi too!

  2. J.H.

    I think Nigiri sushi is the best way to enjoy the flavor of the fish sashimi and shari. No sauces or crunch to get in the way.

  3. A.C.

    keep it simple. great fish slices “sashimi” and perfect “sushi rice” is all that is needed. Do not need crazy sauces with sushi rolls.

  4. G.T.

    I like Nigiri because it is traditional Japanese sushi. In America the style of sushi changed a lot though. Especially, Nigiri sushi is meant to be small and the rice should be the focus. I like my sushi to have high standard.

  5. N.Q.

    It is a great combo with sashimi fish on rice. Getting it allows you to get fish and the filling of rice so you won’t be hungry.

  6. M.R.

    easy to eat. i believe that nigiri sushi is the real sushi we should eat because it is like art harmony with tasty sashimi and good shape and amount of rice.

  7. Y.M.

    I was born and raised in Japan.. Nigiri sushi is very traditional and fancy food that is usually served in Sushi restaurants or Sushi bars. Inari and Rolled sushis (limited to futomaki, California rolls or little more) are traditional family cuisine. If I eat out, I want to eat Nigiri sushi made by a really good sushi chef.

  8. K.T.

    The only way to taste the real flavor of fish is to have it in its natural form…. nigiri – which is essentially sashimi with rice – is the only way to truly enjoy the real flavor

  9. I.Y.

    Because I can feel I am eating fish and rice at the same time with volume. I do not feel volume when I am eating nigiri because most are rice(feeling like I am almost eating rice only).

  10. B.L.

    It requires great skill to make a good nigiri. On top of fish, I can experience the skill from chef of making rice and crafting a piece of sushi.

  11. K.T.

    I like the variety that nigiri sushi offers in comparison to others and it also has my favorite seafood within the menu.

  12. B.T.

    Even though chirashi sushi tastes excellent on a hot summer day, nigiri sushi is the most elegant way to eat raw fish. Also, You can easily decide how much you want to eat since the portions are small.

  13. R.L.

    I like the simplicity of rice with fish. Sometimes I dip it in soy and wasabi, but it usually tastes great by itself.

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