1. K.Y.

    Although I’m ramen lover, I don’t like tsukemen because soup does not go deeply into noodle and noodle itself does not taste well.

  2. MaL

    the best tsukemen bar none can be found five minutes away from shinjuku station in tokyo.

    imho, FU-UNJI is the ultimate in tsukemen. i’ve tried tsujita in LA and rokurinsha in tokyo station. at FU-UNJI, there is ALWAYS a line of die-hard fans weaving through the length of the shop, stretching past the door, to the sidewalk, to across the street. and every time we dropped by—which was four times during our week there—everyone was japanese (except for my group, and a couple of in-the-know tourists). you can ask for a small, medium or large portion of noodles, at no extra charge.

  3. K.O.

    It’s ok. I prefer tsukemen to ramen when its in summer, because it is cold noodle and it doesn’t make you swetting after you eat. But I like hot ramen in winter. Another reason is I think I can make ramen easily at home.

  4. J.L.

    I would try tsukemen sometimes, but not a dish that I would eat on a regular basis. I prefer hot ramen noodle soup or dry/stir-fied noodles.

  5. R.R.

    can’t really say that I am an expert, but for a couple of times I tired tsukemen, I really enjoyed it. It’s good to eat when you don’t want the ramen soup.

  6. C.K.

    Love tsukemen in the summer when it’s hot outside. Still get the all the flavor of tonkotsu ramen without all the heat.

  7. H.J.

    I like Tsukemen too because the taste is also pretty good. Since it usually has less ingredients in the sauce so it does not give a rich taste. I feel less thirsty afterwards.

  8. L.K.

    I prefer them together, the dipping is not my thing, especially since I mainly love ramen for the broth with noodles and toppings vs. the noodles by themselves(unless the noodles are really good, then I may go for the noodles). Really tsukemen relies more on noodle taste becuase it’s dipping.

  9. J.H.

    Tsukemen is usually a mix of fishy gyokai broth and meaty chicken or prok broth. It’s the first dish I’ve tried that mixes the 2 together. The thick noodles do an excellent job of capturing the broth. A unique soba like twist to ramen.

  10. K.Y.

    I prefer broth to go with my ramen. I find the broth to be too concentrated. Also, there are no of the toppings that i like

  11. J.C.

    Given a choice I would still prefer ramen served in a broth but tsukemen is fun as an occasional change of pace. The broth flavor doesn’t penetrate as deeply but you can customize each dipping experience a little bit more.

  12. A.W.

    I have never gotten a chance to try tsukemen, but I would love to. It looks tasty, but the dipping of noodle in a separate bowl of soup sounds complicated and time consuming.

  13. G.L.

    I try that before. And just feel is Ok. But what’s more is inconvinient to me. I don’t like to do so much work tbefore putting them into my mouth. And Tonkostu Ramen is pretty good and why I choose Tsukemen which makes me do more work. And I rEMENBER THE SEPARATE BOWL OF SOUP i CHOSE BEFORE IS JUST ok. Not as good as Tonkostu Ramen. And sometimes if you are careless , the soup will spilt on your face or clothes. It is not convinient to me.

  14. M.Y.

    When I was a kid, I didn’t like Tsukemono at all, but after I became 30 years old, I started to like it. This is essential for my meal. Besides these 3 items, I like naruto, spinach, green onion, nori, wakame, and garlic.

  15. N.J.

    Not the biggest fan of this because I don’t like the process of picking up my noodles and dipping it into a separate bowl of soup. I think it’s more messy than a normal bowl of ramen.

  16. V.A.

    I tend to stay “traditional” and prefer the ramen noodles inside the broth. Although I have eaten tsukemen, I like having the noodles and everything together in the same bowl, especially because it helps everything stay warm!

  17. C.L.

    I’ve never had it and never even heard of it. Is this served at every Japanese restaurant? Is this a Shabu Shabu type of dip after cooking the noodles in my pot? If so, I do like that dip, goes very well with the udon noodles in Shabu Shabu. If not, then I will want to try it someday.

  18. C.N.

    Only good when it is done correctly. Some restaurant tends to undercook the noodle or made the broth too thick and it is very difficult to finish the dish

  19. M.M.

    I love tsukemen but depends on the stock. I like when they are thick and also they are good when Yu can’t eat very fast.

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