1. sanders

    I love Kula. It’s affordable, enough quality,and enjoyable. However you should be prepared to wait . There’s a new system that will let you enter your name at the door, and monitor it from a website so you can wander.

  2. J.C.

    The kaiten sushi experience is one I’ve enjoyed since youth and it holds up to this day. Having a variety always coming by is fun food adventure and being able to order specific rolls is a great option. Kula is often very busy but the service is always friendly.

  3. H.I.

    we love Kula, and dinned there almost once a week. but it is different now after their remodel, it is more like “place for kid to hang out”, and several items are gone from the menu. hate to see this change.

  4. J.T.

    The quality at ‘revolving’ sushi restaurants is usually not as good as traditional sushi restaurants. Kula has good quality sushi at good prices.

  5. M.R.

    I love to go Kula in San Diego. it is very affordable price for restaurant. it is fun to choose from many sushi. My favorite is salmon nigiri with mayonaise. because I like salmon and tasty conbination.

  6. C.C.

    I have not dined at Kula sushi before. If I were to go, I would like the fact that it is revolving sushi. It never fails to amaze me.

  7. M.W.

    I like Kyla sushi because the rice tastes good and the foods are fresh. and I like the eel nigiri because the eel itself is a big piece. And I like the cooked scallop nigiri

  8. J.H.

    I have never been but I hear the games and bonus toys you can win for finishing a certain number of plates are fun. The plates zooming in front of you on a custom order sounds intriguing too.

  9. M.T.

    Because it is cheaper and fun to pick out dishes. But I have gotten a stomach ache from there many times. I like the conch and the fatty tuna. They taste the best and seem like the best value

  10. M.M.

    It fun to go, although the service is a little slow and you have to wait for a long time. Uni and the beef sushi is good. I like that the slices of beef are not completely done or 100% raw. Good flavor and nice punch.

  11. M.T.

    Fun to eat, fast order and delivery system, auto plates counting, many different menu, delicious. Only problem is long waiting time. No matter what my favorit will not be changed by the place.Tuna sushi is the best.

  12. N.Q.

    It allows you to have sushi at a very reasonable price. The hunt of watching sushi go by on a conveyor. And the Salmon trio is a delectable treat when available. It is only found during Salmon fair.

  13. K.T.

    because of their simple pricing system – it’s not cheap, but it’s simple. the ordering system is good, too. i also like the cellphone notification when you are waiting. hotate is my favorite

  14. J.F.

    I like it. There is no reason to sop me enjoy this kind of yummy sushi. I just like it. There is no other reasons.I used to eat those types of Sushi, so I just like them

  15. M.M.

    Isn’t it the place the sushi plates circling on a conveyer? You don’t need to wait for your order. Just pick and eat.

  16. A.W.

    Fresh ingredient. Also, their participation in the Utopia voucher makes it more affordable. They are generally fresh and taste very well.

  17. K.Y.

    Because kids enjoy to choose sushi by themselves, and eat a lot compared with the other restaurant. They have a lot of different sushi flavor. My favorite is still Hamachi, Because of the same reason which is mentioned above question, fresh, fatty.

  18. B.L.

    I don’t really like it. But it’s cheap indeed. and I appreciate that they try pretty hard to provide many variety within limited price. I can’t really remember. I treat it as a fast food joint then a really sushi restaurant. I am there just for fun.

  19. M.C.

    It’s fast and convenient and you can see the roll that you want to eat. Spicy tuna crispy rice is my favorite because it’s crunchy and sticky and chewy with a nice spice

  20. E.L.

    I have not dined at Kula yet but have heard great reviews about Kula having special types of sushi and being reasonably priced, so i do plan on going to try it sometime.

  21. T.W.

    Aside from the large assortment of offerings that come arount on the conveyor belt, the ability to order something specific for quick delivery is great. Nigiri is very good, because of the variety and freshness.

  22. J.X.

    Small plant, never waste food. The price is good and the environment is so nice. People are nice too. I cannot choose which one is the best! So many! I love everything, such as the Crab with rice cracker, peanuts power with jelly, green tea ice cream, noodle. But the line is too long, it takes one hour to get a seat.

  23. A.K.

    Love the quality of sushi despite the casual atmosphere. Easy to bring my kids to enjoy sushi. I can’t remember the name but the one with octopus and shiso was so good. Also aburi-salmon!

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