Did you know you can make sushi at home? These sushi making kits will make it a lot easier for you to create the perfect sushi roll at home. There are a variety of sushi making kits that includes tools you will need to make different types of sushi, such as a roll or nigiri. For example, a sushi roll making kit includes the bamboo mat to roll the sushi, the spoon to make sushi rice, and a sushi roll cutter. Some come with kits you can make both the sushi rolls and the nigiri sushi. It’s great for entertaining people with a sushi party, or for people who love making Japanese food.


Why Use a Sushi Kit?

sushi-789820_1280Going to a sushi restaurant can be very pricey and the portions can be really small. Of course, the quality of the sushi you get at the sushi restaurants is well worth the price. But, for the price of one or two sushi rolls, you can actually buy a DIY sushi making kit and make restaurant quality sushi at home.

You may think that making sushi needs a lot of skill, prep, and work. This is partly true, but with the help of these DIY sushi making kits available on most online stores such as amazon.com, and at an affordable price, you can be your own sushi chef. Of course, you will need some practice to get used to making your own sushi, but after getting the hang of it, you will be able to make as much sushi as you want whenever you want. In just a short time you can host a sushi dinner party to entertain friends and family. They will be wowed by the restaurant grade sushi you made with your DIY sushi making kit! There are traditional sushi making kits and nontraditional sushi kits for making makizushi sushi rolls and nigiri sushi.

But before we look into these convenient sushi making kits, let’s learn how sushi rolls and nigiri sushi are made the traditional way!

Making Sushi Rolls the Traditional Way

Sushi OkeWhat you need to make sushi rolls are three things; rice, nori seaweed sheets, and the fillings. In addition to these basic components, you will need two tools, a bamboo sushi rolling mat and a rice spoon to spread the rice. Let’s go through how to make a sushi roll. Traditionally, when sushi rice is cooked you put the rice in a wooden rice tub to cool down and season the rice with rice vinegar and sugar. The wooden rice tub absorbs any excess liquid left over in the rice. Some of the sushi making kits come with all the necessary tools including the knife to cut the sushi rolls into a bit size or even the cutter mold!

  1. Prepare sushi rice:Once the rice is cooked, put the rice in a shallow tray or wooden bowl to cool it down and then season the rice with rice vinegar and sugar. (See also Sushi Rice Recipe)
  2. Roll the sushi: Put the bamboo mat on a flat surface, place the nori seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat, spread the rice thinly covering the entire surface of the nori seaweed sheet. Place your desired fillings in the middle of the rice. Pick up the edge of the bamboo mat and press down on the rice and seaweed as you roll. Bat water on the end of the seaweed to seal the roll.
  3. Cut the sushi roll: We suggest wetting the knife with water each time you cut your sushi roll.

Making Nigiri Sushi the Traditional Way

Sushi Chef Nigiri (2)Many people know what a sushi roll is. But do you know what a nigiri sushi is? Nigiri sushi is a small rice ball shaped in rectangle topped with a slice of sashimi fish, a quick finger food that was invented in Japan during the 17th century. It’s sort of like a Japanese version of a sandwich except we use rice and fish instead of bread and fixings. But how is nigiri sushi made? Nigiri means to grip or hold tight in Japanese. This is how you shape your rice ball into a small rectangle and then top it with a slice of sashimi, or raw, fish. This may sound easy but sushi chefs train for years to get these skills right. The good news is, we have sushi making kits that make it easy for us to make perfectly shaped sushi balls without our hands getting all sticky.

  1. Prepare your rice (See also Sushi Rice Recipe)
  2. Shape your rice: Wet your hand with water, take a tablespoon size of rice and place the rice in your left palm at the base of your fingers. As you squeeze your left hand, using your right pointer figure to press the rice down at the same time form the rice into a rectangular shape.
  3. Prepare the fish: Use sashimi grade fish and slice it thinly into a bite size. Or buy a pre-sliced sashimi fish.
  4. Assemble the nigiri sushi: Place the slice of fish on your left palm by the base of your fingers, if you want wasabi put a very small amount over the fish, top the rectangle rice ball over the fish, gently press down the rice with your right pointer finger. Flip over the sushi to the rice side down, press down gently.
  5. Serve: Put soy sauce in a small sauce dish and dip the fish side and eat!

How to Choose the Right and Best Sushi Making Kit

1. Traditional VS Nontraditional

Are you up for making your sushi rolls with a sushi mat? If so, all you have to do is pick between bamboo or plastic sushi mats. If you are not ready for making sushi rolls with the sushi mat, go ahead and choose the nontraditional sushi making kits that come with a mold to make it easier for you.

2. Different Mold shapes

Some sushi making kits come with multiple sushi making molds with different shape sushi rolls from round, square, triangle, rectangular, heart, or even a Mickey Mouse. All you need is to pack the mold with the ingredients and you are done, super easy!

3. The Complete Set

If you host a lot of dinner parties you should go with the sushi making kit that comes with the whole package of sushi kit for making the sushi roll, the sauce dipping dish for soy sauce, chopsticks, sushi knife and the rice spoon.

Best Sushi Making Kits

If you either want a simple basic sushi making kit, look into these two. Both sushi making kits have the sushi mat that you will roll your sushi rolls in. One sushi mat is made of bamboo and the other is made of plastic. The BambooWorx sushi making kit is the most simple, traditional sushi making kit. It comes with two bamboo sushi mats, rice spreader and rice spoon for making sushi rolls. Make sure to hand wash it and then dry it with a dishcloth and air dry it well so it doesn’t get moldy. The apple green Sushi Making Kit comes with one sushi mat and a roll cutter to slide over the roll, and also a soy sauce dish for two. They are made of dishwasher-safe plastic, so it is easy to clean. It will come down to whether you want a traditional look or a modern look with easier cleaning. These sushi making kits are perfect for a smaller group of person. Both need a little practice to get the perfect sushi roll. Spread the rice thinly on the nori seaweed and make sure you put pressure when rolling the sushi so it does not fall apart.

Best Traditional Sushi Kit

BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit

BambooWorx Sushi Making KitThis BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit comes with 2 bamboo sushi rolling mats, bamboo rice spoon to mix rice and rice vinegar, and a bamboo rice spreader/knife to spread the rice evenly on the seaweed sheet. This kit is great for beginners who want the minimal and authentic tools. With 2 sushi mats, you can host a sushi party for friends and family. This sushi making kit is also perfect for making sushi rolls with your kids as well. What a fun way to practice cooking and learn about Japanese cuisines! These are not dishwasher safe so make sure to hand wash it and dry it really well.
>>”BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit” on Amazon.com

Best Modern Sushi Kit

Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit

Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making KitThis cute apple green sushi making kit is so much fun! This complete sushi kit comes with a training frame where you place your seaweed sheet, a non-stick rice spoon to mix rice vinegar and rice and to spread the rice over the seaweed sheet, the sushi roll cutter, sushi mat and a stand to roll your sushi, a soy sauce dipping container, a cutter to cut your sushi rolls and easy to follow instructions for making the perfect sushi roll. This sushi making kit is dishwasher safe. This is a great kit for beginners, but you may need a little practice and to get the right amount of rice in your rolls.
>>”Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit” on Amazon.com

Complete Sushi Kits for Sushi Roll

These complete sushi making kits come in 15 to 17 pieces. If you want to host a huge sushi party and wow your friends and family, these sushi making kits are the right choice for you. The major difference between these two is, one is the non-traditional sushi making kit with 10 sushi making molds, and the other is the traditional sushi making kit with a bamboo mat and wooden tools. Both come with a soy sauce dipping dish and a sushi knife which is easy to cut the sushi. If you are not sure if you have the skills to roll your sushi with the bamboo sushi mat, go with the KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit – 17 Piece Beginner Set. It comes with a nigiri sushi mold, temaki cone sushi mold, and 2 pairs of chopsticks – regular and a training model. Elvoki Bamboo Sushi Making Kit comes with a wooden rice tub which is a really traditional way to season your sushi rice with vinegar and sugar. If you are up to making sushi the traditional way and want to make delicious sushi rice with the wooden tub just like the Japanese sushi restaurants, go for the Elvoki Bamboo Sushi Making Kit.

KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit – 17 Piece Beginner Set

KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making KitThis KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit – 17 Piece Beginner Set comes with 10 sushi making molds to make different shape sushi rolls, nigiri sushi, a cone shape temaki sushi, 2 pairs of regular chopsticks 2 pairs training chopsticks, 2 soy sauce dipping dishes, a knife to cut the sushi rolls, a rice spatula and fork. This all comes in a bag so you won’t lose the small pieces. With a little practice, you will be able to make a restaurant grade sushi roles right at home. The Sushipedia instruction manual will help you step-by-step. Choose from 3 color options; red, white or black.
>>”KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit – 17 Piece Beginner Set” on Amazon.com

Elvoki Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

The Elvoki Bamboo Sushi Making Kit comes in 15 pieces and is great for people who want the whole authentic sushi making environment, which is perfect when hosting a sushi party. You have a wooden sushi rice tub to season and mix the sushi rice with rice vinegar, 2 bamboo sushi mats, 2 bamboo spoons to add your fillings, and 2 rice spoons to mix the rice and also place the rice on the seaweed sheet, a knife to cut the sushi rolls, and 4 small dishes to put your ginger or any garnish, and the other 4 is to put soy sauce for dipping.
>>”Elvoki Bamboo Sushi Making Kit” on Amazon.com

STYLISH Nontraditional Sushi Making Kits

These stylish non-traditional sushi making kits are great for sushi parties with friends and family. They come with multiple sushi molds that make different sushi roll shapes such as round, square, triangular, heart-shaped, and one even a Micky Mouse. You simply place the nori seaweed in the mold, then the rice, add fillings such as avocado or tamagoyaki egg rolls, and then more rice on the top and seal the nori seaweed together. Lastly, press the roll down with the pressure mold top. Both molds have a slit so that you can cut your sushi roll easily by sliding in the knife into these slits. These also come with a nice sushi knife to easily cut your sushi roll. They both come with either a recipe e-book or an online tutorial video which makes it easier to make the professional looking sushi roll at your home. Both sushi making kits are made of plastic that is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to use and also easy to clean. All you need now to make perfect sushi rolls are the ingredients for the sushi rolls. How about hosting a sushi party? Now let’s start prepping for the sushi party!

15-Piece DIY Sushi Making Kit

15-Piece DIY Sushi Making KitThis 15 piece sushi making kit comes with two pairs of chopsticks, two soy sauce dipping dishes, sushi knife, 8 types of sushi roll molds, an instruction book and a recipe e-book. The 8 different sushi molds make all kinds of the shape such as round, square, triangle, heart to Micky Mouse shape. Just place the seaweed sheet in the mold, then the rice, the fillings, again the rice over the fillings, cover rice with the ends of seaweed sheet and you are done. These molds also have slits so it is easy to cut it to the same thickness. This is great to make veggie sushi rolls for your bento lunch too! It’s also dishwasher safe.
>>”15-Piece DIY Sushi Making Kit” on Amazon.com

Original AYA Sushi Maker Deluxe

Original AYA Sushi Maker DeluxeWith this sushi making kit, anyone can make a sushi roll in minutes. All you need is to get the ingredients such as rice, soy sauce, seaweed sheets and your preferred sushi filings and you are ready to roll! This sushi making kit comes with 4 sushi molds; round, square, triangular and heart-shaped, a non-stick rice spoon, sushi knife and a spatula. You also get online video tutorials so you can learn step-by-step and also some special tips to make perfect sushi rolls. This sushi making kit is dishwasher safe and also BPA free. This comes in three different colors; red, white and black.
>>”Original AYA Sushi Maker Deluxe” on Amazon.com

Other Sushi Making Kits

Japanese Rectangular Sushi Rice Press Mold

Japanese Rectangular Sushi Rice Press MoldIf you are going make a nigiri sushi, this sushi rice mold will be a great choice. It’s also great for people who are new to sushi making. Making nigiri sushi or finger sushi balls by hand, you know how the rice sticks all over your hand. With this sushi rice mold, you can make a nice square sushi just like sushi restaurants. You will wow your guests at your dinner party for sure. You can also make a rice ball instead of nigiri sushi by mixing some furikake rice mix in your rice. This is not dishwasher safe, so make sure you hand wash it.
>>”Japanese Rectangular Sushi Rice Press Mold” on Amazon.com

Sushi Bazooka

Sushi BazookaIf you are not ready to make sushi rolls the traditional way using the bamboo mat, this is for you. This Sushi Bazooka is a fun sushi roll making kit that is super easy to handle and won’t get your hands sticky at all. You open up the bazooka and pack each side with rice and then line your fillings on top of the rice, close the bazooka and push the handle to push the roll out onto the nori seaweed sheet. You will be surprised how easy it is! It will be great for kids to make sushi too. If you have a sushi party coming up, get this bazooka to make delicious sushi rolls quick and easy!
>>”Sushi Bazooka” on Amazon.com

Japanese Sushi Complete Making Kit

Japanese Sushi Complete Making KitThis sushi making kit is a complete package that comes with everything you need except for the sushi fillings such as avocado or the sashimi fish. It comes with a sushi rolling mat, sushi rice, nori seaweed, rice vinegar for the sushi rice, Kikkoman soy sauce, wasabi paste, sushi ginger, and a soy sauce dipping dish, and even 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks. It is also a great starter kit so you can make sushi right away. Just follow the instruction carefully and you will have a delicious authentic sushi at home! This can also be a fun and unique Christmas gift for friends and family!
>>”Japanese Sushi Complete Making Kit” on Amazon.com

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