1. M.C.

    Scallop Volcano Roll. like scallops and mushrooms and the warmness of the scallops and mushrooms with the sauce

  2. T.M.

    My favorite is Rainbow roll. Usually comes with salmon and I like salmon. Salmon has the omega-3 fatty acid and that is what I like about it.

  3. C.M.S.


  4. M.T.

    I like crunch roll. Crunchy with sweet sauce. Most places don’t make it very well but some places make it really good

  5. Y.M.

    Spider roll is my favorite. Deep fried soft she’ll crab Tastes good. crispy texture matches with soft other ingredients texture.

  6. M.M.

    Dynamite Roll, because its different, not a traditional roll. I like the flavor of the cheese and the fish, and also the crunchiness and the spicy sauce. It makes it unique.

  7. N.Q.

    I like spider roll. Soft shell crab is such a delectable item. The flavor of crab and the light crunch of the batter and shell.

  8. Y.G.

    I don’t usually eat sushi roll but if I do I get special caterpillar roll which has no eel but shrimp tempura inside.

  9. A.L.

    The caterpillar has the best tasting mix of creamy avocado, crunch of cucumber, and meaty taste of fish actually eel. Usually with mitsuba and misago adds more taste depth.

  10. J.T.

    Spicy tuna roll. I like more traditional sushi and this one contains real fish. I also like eating spicy foods.

  11. J.F.

    I like Spicy tuna roll. There is no reason to sop me enjoy this kind of yummy sushi. I just like it. There is no other reasons.I used to eat those types of Sushi, so I just like them

  12. A.S.

    Spicy tuna is my favorite. Good mix of spicy and fish taste. I prefer this roll over others such as the California, which are good, but can be bland if you have too much of it.

  13. H.Z.

    love yellowtail.fresh, texture, tasty, especially mixed with wasabi and paired with hot tea, healthy and high protein. That is why i love Dynamite Roll

  14. A.W.

    I love California roll. I like the combination of crab and avocado. Although it’s not truly authentic, but it tastes good.

  15. T.T.

    SPIDER ROLL!! Fried Soft-shell crab, in my opinion, goes extremely well with rice. The crispiness of the fried exterior goes very well with the chewiness of the rice, and the soft meat of the crab also adds to this flavorful dynamic.

  16. M.R.

    I don’t like shrimp tempura in my rolls, and I like spicy flavors so the spicy tuna is my favorite. Also, I like the addition of mayo.

  17. B.L.

    Scallop Volcano Roll. My mother doesn’t eat raw fish much. This baked roll wins my mother’s heart. I can tell why she enjoy it, it’s rich, it’s warm, and it’s full of seafood flavor too.

  18. H.M.

    Not really a fan of sushi roll unless they are hand rolls. If I had to choose one type of roll it would be the California Roll which has a nice blend of east meets west. Who would have guessed avocados taste so good with sushi rice and soy sauce. Other rolls tend to go off the deep end and stop being sushi all together.

  19. F

    I don’t like rolls that much since they have too much mayonaise bu the spider roll has crirspy soft shell crab which I love with creamy sauce.

  20. R.B.

    The combination of eel with vegetable- cucumber, egg and avocado is perfect- sometimes I am not in the mood for egg, but the taste of all of them together makes me forget that I didn’t want the egg in the first place. This is the reason that I like Caterpillar Roll

  21. Y.H.

    California Roll! Since it. I like the combination of cooked fish taste and cucumber and avocado. It is available everywhere.

  22. J.J.

    I like Caterpillar Roll which has eel, cucumber, egg, and avocado. Delicious and tasty,I like the out looking ,I will buy it every time.

  23. B.T.H.

    I like the variation in Caterpillar Roll. Normally I don’t really know which roll to order, since by some of them you can’t taste the fish anymore with all the toppings and sauces.

  24. S.T.

    Dynamite Roll. I first had this at a restaurant called Fuji in Davis, California. The hot sauce and creamy sauce mixes well with the tempura style shrimp, along with the other mixes that goes into the dynamite roll. If I had a chance to re-name the roll, I would call it the kitchen sink, as it seems to have everything rolled up inside it. You have to be careful not to eat too much though, because the heat will cause digestive problems for some people.

  25. A.K.

    When I’m not so hungry, I just order Rainbow Roll and feel happy as this has many different kind of fish! Almost like an all-in-one sushi!

  26. J.F.

    looks good, and my girl friend likes it.it.I also like it. There is no reason to sop me enjoy this kind of yummy sushi. I just like it. There is no other reasons. I used to eat those types of Sushi, so I just like them

  27. Y.H.

    I am a vegetarian. Although I eat some fish, I tend to avoid raw fish because of its bacterial contamination. Rolls have more vegetarian friendly ingredients.

  28. S.T.

    The California Roll is bar far the most tasty sushi I’ve had to date. The avocado and sushi goes hand in hand, with the green hot sauce finishing off the heat. I like mine with crab included, as it makes the California roll decadent and satisfying. I can eat up to 8 in one sitting, and prefer to eat it within minutes of being rolled. hard sushi is no bueno.

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