1. K.W

    Simply ramen tastes good! It is too bad that we don’t have good – really good- Ramen restaurant in San Diego. All the restaurant that serve Ramen are just okay…

  2. B.C

    I’m chinese. I like something in soup and I know the ramen soup based is always use real ingredients to make, not something concentrates.

  3. J.H

    On a cold or rainy night a hot bowl of ramen sure hits the spot. Also after a night of drinking having ramen as “shime” to soak up all the alcohol is sure to soften the effects of a hangover the next morning.

  4. S.N

    Ramen tastes very different by shops. It seems that tonkotsu ramen is very popular here, but I like shio ramen (salt flavor). I enjoy the different soups by restaurants.

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