1. M.C.

    It amuses me when I see people eat gari like a salad. It’s really just a palate cleanser between different fish but I’ve seen people scarf it down and ask for more from the chef! It also amuses me when people say they are gluten intolerant at a sushi restaurant. I suppose they won’t be using soy sauce.

  2. J.C.

    Once went to a sushi restaurant that served live fish and shrimp. I didn’t eat it myself but seeing it moving on the plate as people ate the meat was pretty strange.

  3. M.T.

    Now a days, many sushi restaurant use Siracha (hot) source. Maybe because people want more flavor or such a popular source. But it’s almost on any dishes which sometimes ruins original flavor.

  4. E.O.

    There are some sushi restaurants that try to get too creative with their sushi rolls. For example, some put sriracha sauce on every type of roll and call it “Spicy” but this to me is not a good use of the ingredients.

  5. A.L.

    Although I am open to trying new rolls, I am still disgusted in finding cream cheese in sushi rolls and avoid rolls containing it if the restaurant describes them with it.

  6. K.T.

    Americanized sushi – it’s creative, but not “sushi” per se. Americans think that’s what sushi is. and the fact that they think we eat sushi everyday— wow…, right?

  7. M.M.

    Now that sushi is so popular and eaten in many different countries but when I had it in Canada first time I never thought such a western food like a cream cheese goes with it and matches that good.

  8. K.Y.

    Some sushi restaurant charge us and cost is almost the same as soft drink. Japanese tea is free in Japan, and very taste good compared with the one in US even they charge.

  9. B.L.

    The more I know about sushi, the more I don’t like those crazy rolls… It defect the purpose of skills and make it difficult to appreciate the simple taste of fish.

  10. C.C.

    The first time I went to a sushi restaurant, I did not know what “gari” was. I decided to eat it on its own, thinking it was fish. It was a very surprising experience, and I’ve been reluctant to eat it since. Also, I have been tricked into eating wasabi as green tea ice cream before. It was also a very eye-opening experience!

  11. H.M.

    Mostly it would be bad manners especially from those who are not familiar with Japanese food or fine dining. Things such as talking loudly on the phone would not be accepted at any fine dining restaurant. It is shameful that the display of sake bombing is done at the sushi bar or restaurant. Not only is it messy and loud, it is offensive to other patrons. It is also a waste of fine sake to mix it with beer. May be acceptable in a college dorm but not in a restaurant.

  12. S.K.

    I was surprised the first time I ate a whole cooked shrimp – crispy, eyes, antennae, and everything! (It was delicious.)

  13. E.L.

    I like being surprised by the sushi chef when we asked for recommendations, and have discovered some great fishes that way.

  14. R.B.

    No, nothing bothers me. I enjoy all kinds of food and all kinds of eating.when you try different food, you expand the variety that you eat, and you expand your mind and your experiences with life everywhere.

  15. S.T.

    I have not experienced any surprises, but do enjoy all you can eat buffets, which can be quite an art in cuisine. Whenever you eat at a buffet, you must only eat protein, which costs the most, and fills you up the least. Also, you don’t get hungry hours later, as it takes time to digest. The most fun is having a conveyor belt to pull sushi off and eat to your stomach’s content. Be careful not to take more than you can eat because most restaurants have a surcharge for uneaten food, which can be quite expensive. Go for the most expensive foods first, and you will come out ahead.

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